The boat

The J2 is polyester laminated. The hull represents the 65% of the complete weight of the boat. In order to reach this big difference between the hull and the deck, our team have develop a sandwich system lamination that confers to the hull an xtreme bow-stern stiffness.

The deck have been studied to allow the crew members to race for long time hiking. The low floor helps to role during the maneuvers. The bow and stern are the thinnest in the world, this is in the order to keep the inertial momentum as long as possible.

Option 1

4700€ + VAT

This option includes the hull with:

  • Gudgeons
  • Stay Placards
  • Mast Base
  • Shrouds Placards

Complete Option

10.350€ + VAT

This option includes option 2 plus:

  • Sails
  • Covers (deck, rudder and centerboard)
  • Trolley